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Approval app templates

Explore our favourite free approval app templates. With Budibase's intuitive low-code platform, you can customize your design in just a few clicks.


Here’s everything you need to know about using our approval app templates.

What is Budibase?

Budibase is an innovative open-source, low-code platform. Our mission is to transform the way businesses build workflow software. Say goodbye to costly and time-consuming custom builds. With Budibase, you can build fully customized and deployable approval apps, without the need for extensive coding. Find out more about our low-code platform .

Why should you build approval apps using Budibase?

Budibase offers an unrivaled development experience. The most effective approval apps are built around robust business processes. With our platform, you can easily create approval tools that perfectly match your existing workflows. Budibase is the fast and cost-effective way to build custom approval apps. Use one of our templates to get started quickly.

Are Budibase templates free?

All of our templates are completely free to use, modify, and deploy. Budibase is completely open-source. We also offer free SSO across all of your tools. When you choose to self-host your apps, Budibase is free, forever. We also offer enterprise support packages and SLAs. Take a look at our pricing page for more details.

How do I deploy Budibase tools?

Choose self-hosting or our Budibase Cloud platform for your approval apps. Deploy our templates to your own infrastructure, using Kubernetes, Docker, Docker Compose, Digital Ocean, and more. With Budibase, you have complete control over how and where you host your approval tools.

Can I connect approval process templates to existing data?

Budibase supports a wide range of external datasets. Call, query, and manipulate existing data, using SQL, Airtable, MongoDB, CouchDB, S3, RestAPI, and more. We also offer a free built-in database, with support for CSV uploads. With external database support, our templates are the perfect way to centralize information or create modern UIs for legacy tools.

Can I add custom functionality?

Budibase offers total customization. Add powerful functionality in seconds, without the need for advanced technical skills. We offer a wide range of built-in automations, which can be triggered with any in-app action. Use our JavaScript editor, formula variables, conditionality, and third-party integration options, to add custom functionality.

Does Budibase offer third-party integrations?

Our approval templates app fit seamlessly into your existing workflows. Budibase supports a wide range of third-party app integrations, using Zapier. Connect to invoicing tools, project management software, messaging apps, CRMs, and more. Use any in-app action to trigger external automations, at the press of a button.

Are your approval process templates mobile-friendly?

Budibase tools work perfectly on all kinds of devices. Our approval app templates are fully mobile-responsive. All design elements automatically scale and resize to fit users’ screens, no matter what kind of device they’re using. Maximize process adherence by giving your team approval workflow software that they can use anytime, anywhere.

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