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API integration platform

Budibase's API integration platform helps you integrate with your APIs and build internal apps, forms, admin panels, and more in minutes.

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Communicate information between multiple APIs

Bring together all your business services in one central location by building apps that are integrated with all your enterprise REST APIs. This makes it easier and more flexible to build apps that cross multiple departments and services.

Connect to your REST APIs and build apps in minutes

Budibase's API integration platform helps you integrate with your APIs and build internal apps in minutes. Simply create a REST API datasource within Budibase, enter the URL of the API endpoint, run your query. When Budibase pulls back your data, you can quickly build a beautiful CRUD application in seconds within the design section.

Import Swagger collections and cURL requests

The REST query import feature allows you to import one or more Swagger collections or cURL requests at a time. The supported formats for import are Swagger 2.0 / OpenAPI 2.0 (yaml or json) and CURL. You can create new data sources with imports, or import queries into existing data sources.

The all-in-one low-code platform for your entire team

External data sources

Securely connect to a number of datasources including Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL, Rest API, Oracle, Google Sheets, and build apps in minutes.

Built-in database

Budibase comes with an internal database that is as simple as a spreadsheet, and as powerful as a database - it's actually a highly modified version of CouchDB.

REST API connector

Our powerful API integration platform allows your business to communicate informaton between multiple APIs, and build apps with your data in minutes.

Powerful design blocks

Build beautiful user interfaces using powerful, accessible blocks. Edit components without code, or extend using JavaScript, Handlebars, or CSS.

Design themes

Control the look and feel of your apps with highly customizable, and accessible themes. Budibase comes with 4 themes out of the box; lightest, light, dark, darkest.

Responsive apps

Whether your users are on mobile or desktop, Budibase provides you with a design builder that makes it easy to build apps that work across all devices.

Automation platform

Whether you want to automate a Slack notification, send a recurring email, or connect to a webhook, Budibase's automation platform is simple to use and fast!

Email onboarding

Automate user onboarding with Budibase's email onboarding. Choose what emails to send, and customise your emails with Budibase's email builder.


Connect your SSO provider (Google, Active Director, Auth0, and more) to Budibase and streamline the sign-up/sign-in process for your users.

Granular access controls

Control what users can and cannot access, including screens, components, and data. You can also assign a special developer role to your developers.

Hosting on your terms

With our open source platform, application data never has to leave your infrastructure. Deploy via Kubernetes, Docker, Digital Ocean. Or choose the Budibase Cloud and let Budibase manage everything for you.

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Budibase Cloud

Host with Budibase and let us manage everything for you - easiest and quickest way.

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Deploy Budibase to your own infrastructure using Docker and Docker Compose.

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Use the Budibase helm chart to deploy Budibase directly into your Kubernetes cluster.

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Digital Ocean

The simplest and quickest way to self-host Budibase on your own infrastructure - 1 click install.

"The #1 problem with the low-code movement is proprietary lock-in which is unacceptable for critical business apps. Budibase helps you create apps faster, which developers love because their internal tickets disappear and the entire thing is open source!"

Shawn (@swyx), Head of Dev Experience at Temporal; Ex Amazon and Netlify

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