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Everything you need to build internal apps in minutes

Design, build, automate, deploy and scale custom internal applications in minutes, and with confidence.


Data wide screenshot and features
External data sources

Connect, fetch and query data from external data sources (Postgresql, MongoDB, MySQL, S3, CouchDB, Airtable, and more). You can also pull data into Budibase using a Rest API.

Built-in database

You do not need existing data to create apps with Budibase. Use Budibase's built-in database and tables to build apps from scratch (or upload a CSV). Select from a number of data types and functionality, including relationships, attachments, formulas, and more.


When you create an internal table, you can tell Budibase to generate auto-screens. This feature will then create 3 screens within your UI; a read, create, and update screen. This feature is optional.

API integration platform

Budibase's API integration platform helps you integrate with your APIs and build internal apps, forms, admin panels, and more in minutes. Learn more about our API management platform.

CSV upload

Upload a CSV to Budibase and generate tables within Budibase's internal database.


A simple and performant way to run calculations over your data within Budibase's built-in database.

Access controls

Assign access controls to your data.


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Ship real, performant apps

Budibase outputs real single page applications.

Auto-generated CRUD screens

Auto-generate fully-functional, complete wired-up, and perfectly designed CRUD screens from your data with just a click.

Private and Public apps

Build private and public applications, or both.

Responsive design

Design applications that work across all devices.


Customize the theme of your app with just a few clicks.

Dark mode

Choose between four base themes: lightest, light, dark, darkest.

Form builder

Build forms and multi-step forms with validation and custom logic.

Tables and Cards

Present your data in a flexible, sortable, themable table or cards.


Display your data in charts, including bar, pie, line, area, and more.

Data manipulation

Filter, sort, search and paginate your data with a couple of clicks.

Conditional UI

Change a number of component settings depending on a condition.


Add on-click actions to a button and trigger automations.


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Pull data into your apps and push data out using webhooks.


Integrate with external platforms, including Integromat, Zapier, and more, using integrations.


Choose from a number of triggers to start your automation.


Use data from previous automation steps.


Choose from a library of actions, including email, messaging, hooking up to external automation platforms, and tell your app what to do.


Add a time delay to your automations.


With Budibase, you can schedule your automations. For example - Run automation every 5 minutes.

Add scripts

Add JavaScript to your automations to increase utility.


Admin wide screenshot and features

Self host Budibase on your own infrastructure using Kubernetes, Docker, Digital Ocean, and more.

Host with Budibase

Host with Budibase and let us manage your infrastructure for you.


You read that right. Unlike other companies, SSO is free.

Budibase CLI

Quickly manage updates and infrastructure with the Budibase CLI

Global user management

Add a user to the platform once, then assign them to different apps. This greatly improves the end-user experience, as they only have to log-in once to access multiple apps.

SMTP and streamlined user onboarding

Add your SMTP settings and Budibase will take care of the user onboarding process for you. If your users don't have an email, not to worry, you can generate credentials for them.

Email templates

Budibase comes with beautiful emails templates that you can customize to match your brand and styling preferences.


Allow users to log in to their apps using Google. We are actively adding more OAuth options.


When you create more than one app, Budibase will generate a portal to help with navigation and access. With the portal, users only have to log-in once to access all their apps.

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