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Kid you not .... @budibase is the best #opensource #nocode platform with a focus on aesthetics out there! Period! Built this while taking a break in a hectic job! It's 1000x

Tony Ennis

Prediction: @budibase will become one of those products you start to hear more and more companies using as low-code tools continue to gain steam. World class team and product in growing space, nailing execution 👏

Max Haining

Admittledly, I kinda get scared of "low-code" platforms. They're meant for more "techie" folks...right? That's until I played with @budibase for the first time and built a lead gen tool in under 30 mins 🤯 Seriously, go have a play and support.


I came across Budibase & tried it out last week when I was looking for a laravel CRUD starter this is a game changer for folks like myself that like low code projects rbac & sso are huge considering most no code co's consider these enterprises features that require contract etc


So far, I've been the most impressed by the open-source platform @budibase. It was super easy to spin up a basic CRUD app. I could create multi-step forms, add custom CSS, and change access control per page based on roles. Best of all, the apps are responsive by default. 🙌

Vikrant Sharma

Thanks for letting us try out the Budibase Cloud. Open-source low-code will be a disruptive force in the enterprise custom app development space, and will change the game for everyone. Well done team Budibase.


Hey, another great reason to give @budibase a try is that's is open source and made with @sveltejs, with really lot's of great ideas to inspire you. Definetely one of the most interesting and complex pieces of svelte code available to study and learn from.

Angela Reed RGN

Imagine a tool kit that allows people who aren't programmers to build web apps - @budibase have got just that - quickly produce secure maintainable solutions functional across mobile & desktop.

Chris McClelland

100%. It’s been so great to see the pace and quality set by the brilliant team at @budibase. Another top class product being built in N. Ireland.

Mark O'Sullivan

I was completely blown away by @budibase when I tried it out, exciting to see them launch on @ProductHunt today! 🚀


Great team, great works!


Love budibase so much so far


Thank you for the awesome app!


Only 24h into Budibase and already really impressed.


First of all: loving the product!

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