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Trusted by over 10,000 companies, including

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Budibase gives everyone the tools to build apps faster and drive business transformation.

Open source

Budibase is open source and you can self-host apps using Docker, Kubernetes, and other options.

Coding optional

Users can build apps with or without writing code - the decision is yours.

Responsive apps

Budibase apps perform perfectly across all devices; mobile, tablet, desktop.

Automations included

Save your users time and automate processes with built-in automations.

"The #1 problem with the low-code movement is proprietary lock-in which is unacceptable for critical business apps. Budibase helps you create apps faster, which developers love because they're open source!"

Shawn (@swyx)
Head of Dev Experience at Temporal


Instantly turn data into apps

Connect to an external database, pull data from a Rest API, import a CSV, or start from scratch with Budibase's built-in database.

Connect to anything

Securely connect to a number of datasources including Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Google Sheets, and build apps in minutes.


Internal database

Create apps from scratch with our no-code internal database.


Rest API connector New

Use our powerful Rest API connector to connect with REST APIs, fetch data, receive form data, authenticate with external APIs, and build modern business apps in minutes.



Create apps you're proud of

At Budibase, we offer the best development experience with an obsessive focus on application design. Budibase enables everybody to design like professionals.

Design for every occasion

Create apps that work perfectly across mobile, tablet, and desktop. And update the theme of your app with 2 clicks.


Powerful building blocks


The Budibase table is lightwight, themeable, and easy to filter.



Budibase has a number of charts that are easily configurable.



Budibase cards are beautiful to look at and simple to implement.


Best-in-class form builder

Build powerful, custom forms for any scenario including multi-step forms, public forms, surveys, and more.


Custom validation

Take total control over your form validation - including regex support.


Conditional UI

Change your user interface based on app conditions.


Choose from a number of actions to chain to user events.


Ensure certain groups of people can only access certain screens.


Increase the power of your apps with JavaScript and Handlebars.


Automate processes, the easy way

With just a few clicks, automate manual processes and streamline operations within your business.

Anyone can build automations

Budibase automations are designed to allow anyone the power to connect apps and automate processes.

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Test automations

Test your integrations and get immediate feedback.

Run bash scripts

Run bash scripts within automations.


Trigger automations using webhooks.

Add JavaScript

Add JavaScript to your automations.


Scale with confidence

Managing and scaling Budibase throughout your organization is a breeze with the following features.


Let your users sign-in with Google, Active Directory, Auth0 and more.


Role based access control

Control what level of access each user has for each app.


Email user onboarding

Automate onboarding with email or manually onboard users.


Hosting on your terms

With our open source platform, application data never has to leave your infrastructure. Deploy via Kubernetes, Docker, Digital Ocean. Or choose the Budibase Cloud and let Budibase manage everything for you.

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Budibase Cloud

Host with Budibase and let us manage everything for you - easiest and quickest way.

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Deploy Budibase to your own infrastructure using Docker and Docker Compose.

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Use the Budibase helm chart to deploy Budibase directly into your Kubernetes cluster.

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Digital Ocean

The simplest and quickest way to self-host Budibase on your own infrastructure - 1 click install.

Build apps that integrate perfectly and accelerate your business

Start with a template.
Fully customizable.

Choose from lots of free, customizable templates to help you accelerate your workplace.

View more templates

Get started with Budibase today

It only takes a few minutes to get up and running!

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